The Bund

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View Old and New Shanghai
I was expecting Shanghai to be modern and architecturally stunning. But when I walked to the Bund district to view the sleek skyline from the river, the first thing I saw was an old barge chugging down the river in front of skyscrapers. This is a great spot to get the shot of the city landscape!

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Sideways View from the Bund
Newly constructed from the 2010 Expo, the Bund boardwalk and its magnificent colonial-era architecture hosts this view. The image above shows Pudong, the financial district of Shanghai and the very polluted Huangpu River, still heavily trafficked with cargo transport. Anyone traveling to Shanghai should walk from People's Square, down through Nanjing Road to the Bund.
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Catch Sunrise on the Bund
One of the very first things to do when visiting Shanghai is to make a trip to The Bund. Sure, you can see it at any time of the day, and it will be memorable. But go there first thing in the morning to really get a spectacular glimpse into Shanghai life.

As the sun starts peeking through the futuristic skyscrapers across the Huangpu River, people start arriving at The Bund to do all sorts of activities. There are photographers lining the rails to get the shot of the skyscrapers. Chinese, young and old, begin their day with light exercise up and down The Bund. You might even catch a Tai Chi class under way. There are also plenty of kites early in the morning. This gentleman was proud to show up with his handmade kite, featuring the Olympic Rings in the spirit of the games.

The Bund is a can't-miss scene in Shanghai. At night, it is absolutely packed with people getting a glimpse of the skyscrapers. In the morning, it is very laid back, and makes a perfect start to your day.
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Fashionable Promenade
Shanghai's young and fashionable enjoy walking along the Huangpu River after work. It's a wonderful place to escape the crammed shopping districts, grab a snack, and people-watch.
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Early morning walk on the Bund
Highly recommended that you take in a stroll on the Bund very early (say 7 am). There are many fitness geeks out and about doing all sorts of physical activities such as jogging, walking the dog and even a spot of kite flying. At the far end of this magnificient boulevard by the great river, there are crews of taichi exercise enthusiasts too. The air quality is not too good these days, making for some interesting outlooks with the dispersed light.
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Biking through Shanghai
At 4AM, my study abroad friends and I set off for a biking adventure to the Bund from our Fudan University dorms. We biked across the city and saw the city wake up district by district. And we reached the Bund just in time to see the sunrise! The experience was unforgettable and the view was unreal.
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A Sleepless Metropolis in Classic Tradition of Humankind
Shanghai is my second hometown. It is my favorite city in East Asia. I am fond of traveling at night along the long Bund and viewing the skyscrapers opposite. This is a happy time to me when complete a full-day job. I prefer to see the complexes of tall buildings with colorful show at night. Shanghai is a business city, but is not short of feeling of culture and leisure. And I always believe that the leisure is a suitability both of physics and mentality. This is not a good picture actually, taken in summer last year
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A hazy sunset at the Bund
Every traveler from far and wide has to make at least one trip down to The Bund while visiting Shanghai. It makes for great people watching and photo opportunities with a wonderful river view of Pudong and the wonderful architecture off of Nanjing Lu.

If you approach the Bund from Nanjing Lu, make a left down the street and try to find the metal bull that replicates charging bull of Wall Street!

If you look like a tourist from a far off place, be prepared to have Chinese tourists and locals approach you for a friendly photo op!

Tip: Skip the taxi cab ride and take the metro. The metro stop is near by, cheap, and there are stops written in English
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Financial District at Night
Usually the Financial District of a city is quiet and dark at night, but not Shanghai. All the buildings are in glory lights facing the Huang Pu River. This is the Bund. The entire bund is a great walk at night - store, photo spots, food stands are along the bund. You can also take an audio tour under the tunnel to go to the opposite side.
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The Bund

Along the western side of the Huangpu River, the Bund is a street of two dozen stately heritage buildings. Architecture buffs will find an array of late-19th- and early-20th-century styles here, from Gothic Revival to Art Deco. Among the most famous examples is the Peace Hotel, its copper pyramid roof now green with age. First opened in 1929 as the Cathay Hotel, it continues to operate as a hotel to this day (now managed by Fairmont). Take a moment to enter the former HSBC Building, at number 12, to admire its beautiful mosaic ceiling.

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On the Bund
Two weeks and Shanghai couldn't have been better. Walking along the Bund at night we felt safe and the energy was vibrant.
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