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The Bagel Store

Brooklyn's most Creative Bagels
The Bagel Store was the final stop on my "Made in Brooklyn" tour with Dom Gervasi.
Like all good researchers, I arrived hungry.

Scott Rossillo, creator of "The Bagel Store" in Brooklyn, dreams in bagels. The unpretentious shop has several baskets of the standard poppy seed and sesame, but what catches my eye are flavors like candy corn and red velvet. He even offered me a “bagel drink” which tasted of cinnamon. “It’s the liquid that becomes a bagel,” he explains as I take a taste of the drink and wince to figure out what the heck it is.

Rossillo is the industry's answer to Willy Wonka: he makes everything from his famous bacon and cheese to tie-dye patterned bagels that look like swirly bits of jewelry. My favorite, the Bavarian Pretzel, is soft with chunky, dust-able salt flakes on top. After discovering the joys of Rossillo's smoother-than-mousse nutella cream cheese and a pumpkin cream cheese that tasted better than the fruit, I knew that this store was the real deal. He is constantly innovating and staying ahead of the game.

After he enrolled in the French Culinary Institute’s International Bread Baking Arts program, Rossillo dabbled in other bagel ventures before he decided to venture on his own.

I took home a bag of blood orange items that were as sticky as toffee but probably the most delicious I’ve eaten. The Bagel Store is yet another reason why Brooklyn might be the East Coast’s food lab. With all due respects to Berkeley, CA.

Creative and Delicious Bagels and Cream Cheeses
If you like bagels, you must come to The Bagel Store! The bacon, egg & cheese bagel was voted BEST BAGEL by The Food Network. Need I say more? From red velvet cream cheese, to his invention of the Cragel (a combination croissant & bagel), owner and bagel artist Scot Rosillo is a master of his bagel making craft.

Join us on our Williamsburg Bites Brooklyn Food Tour to get an awesome sampling! We also stop by 6 other hidden gems for tastings as well as view street art and discuss the history of the neighborhood.

754 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA
+1 718-782-5856
Sun - Sat 7am - 6pm
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