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The Amazon with Aqua Expeditions

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The Amazon's Magical Pink Dolphins Loreto  Peru

The Amazon's Magical Pink Dolphins

The chances of spotting a pink dolphin in the Amazon River seemed as likely to me as spotting a unicorn. Yet the second day aboard the M/V Aria with Aqua Expeditions I was standing on the top deck and suddenly I saw two pink fins pop out of the water. I immediately screamed "dolphin" which caused the rest of the cruisers to leap to their feet. Sadly the dolphins were gone and I became the girl who cried wolf. I did just have a few glasses of wine at lunch, so maybe I did imagine the mythical dolphins.

The next morning I woke early to catch sunrise and our boat was anchored in a part of the river that was full of pink dolphins. Even without coffee, I knew I wasn't imagining them. They jumped out of the water and zipped around chasing fish. Later we went out on the skiffs and got up close to the dolphins. The females are more grey in color than pink, while the males are a lovely pastel pink color. They are one of the coolest-looking creatures I've ever encountered and seeing them was definitely a highlight of the trip.