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The Albion

One Singular Sensation
The best thing about this chicken and crawfish pie, filled with creamy peas and shrooms and covered in a buttery, toasty pie crust? I got to order and eat it from a table for one. And just one.

As a solo traveler, I'm so often relegated to letting the waiter know that "No, I'm not waiting for someone" and "No, I don't need another menu or that second place setting." But not here at The Albion in hip Shoreditch. On a Tuesday night, this cool new spot was packed, but when I joined the line and said I was "just one" I was whisked to a lovely little table just along the wall. No second chair. No second setting. And there were others in similar tables, too! I didn't have to wait; didn't have to worry about people giving me the odd look; and didn't have to answer any of those annoying Qs that always re-enforce my alone-ness. I pulled out a magazine and dined in delight. The food was incredible (if not a tad expensive), but the atmosphere and overall experience full-on made up for it.

On the way out, I picked out a piece of delicious cake from their take-away bakery and cafe where tons of other artisanal treats from local vendors are for sale. A "must" for those walking around this trendy new 'hood looking to dine like a local...in peace.

Coffee, cafe and boutique grocer
On a quiet neighborhood street in Shoreditch, the Albion Cafe is a perfect place to linger over coffee, pick up fresh produce, or munch on some fresh baked pastries.

2-4 Boundary St, Shoreditch, London E2 7DD, UK
+44 20 7729 1051
Sun 8am - 10pm
Mon - Sat 8am - 11pm