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Along the Thames

54 Hopton Street

Treasure Hunting Along The Thames

Hidden treasure you say? Pull on your boots , grab some gloves and head to the mighty Thames River. Today, you're going Mudlarking.

This isn't your usual day out. You'll be combing the shore of the Thames for pieces of London's ancient history. Tudor buttons, pieces of Roman pottery, medieval chainmail or perhaps the stem of an Elizabethan clay pipe...the Thames churns up endless treasure with every tide.

You can mudlark along the South side of the Thames on your own, but mind the tides as they can be dangerous. You're allowed to pick up anything spotted on the surface or sticking up from the sand. Digging below a few centimeters is a no-no without a license.

A guide can be useful as they know the best spots and are usually licensed. Families with children are welcome on London Walks' Mudlarking walk. Anyone who wants a small group experience should contact Steve Brooker of the television show "Mud Men" at Thames and Field.