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The best campsite in Northern Thailand

If you are nature-lover and love to sleep under the sky full of stars then camping in Thailand can be an excellent outdoor experience for you as the warm climate and rich landscapes provide the perfect combination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Thailand has so many national parks to visit for camping purpose where park rangers are everywhere to help you and point out the main tourist attractions in the area for you. These parks have everything that you may have added to your camping checklist before coming here like cots, mats, sleeping bags, tents and even kerosene lamps.

Most of the parks charge an entrance fee, which ranges from 200-500 in local currency. But they have to pay it once regardless of number of days, they spend here for camping. All visitors planning on camping out at the Lake must report to the visitor control centre to purchase a camping permit as it is necessary for everyone.

The best place for camping in northern Thailand is Pang Ung. It is a place in Mae Hong Son province of Thailand.

Best time to visit Pang Ung is during December and January because temperature change causes the mist rise-off the lake. People often visit just to see this mesmerizing scene.

If we talk about the history of Pang Ung, it was originally an area where local villagers grew opium which heavily degraded the surrounding forest and wildlife. In 1979, the King of Thailand visited the area and decided to start a royal development project in order to protect the land and make it beautiful like before or even better.

Before packing up for your trip keep few things in mind like always keep woolen clothes in your camping checklist as nights are really cold. In the day time, you can sense the rise in temperature, air is mostly crisp and you can smell the trees and grass which makes this place really awesome.

There is a lake reservoir for the town Ban Rak Thai. This part of the land has some connection with Chinese as it was founded by them and most of the sign boards are in the Chinese language. So if you know the Chinese language then it’s cherry on your cake. While camping you should be aware of your surroundings as Thailand has a rich animal kingdom too. Generally, people get to see copperhead snake which is non-venomous and not dangerous but human psychology says that fear of snake-bite or anxiety caused by snake-bite elevates the probability of death or trauma. There are other snakes in Thailand too which are deadly. So be alert and enjoy the beauty of nature in Thailand.

Now the best part comes; Bamboo rafts on the lake. You can rent that out for a ride.

Now talking about accommodation in Thailand, you can pitch your own tent or you have another option, to live in rented hotels. They are cheap and comfortable. So if you are not a backpacker then you can rent those hotels.

There is an option of fern resort too as it is medium priced and also has pool and location is wonderful.

Now the question arises how to reach there.

This beautiful landscape is located 44 kilometers from Mae Hong Son's city. There is bus facility that will take approximately two hours to reach or can take the ride of a motorbike as it will take around one hour. The roads are pretty steep and have a lot of turns.

There are things like mountain grown coffee and beautiful embroidery to buy as they are beautiful and have unique taste and style.

The Pang Ung park office is officially open from 8 am to 4:30 pm so it is advised to call and have a pre-booking in Christmas, New Year and weekends during January but during the week and off-peak there’s absolutely no need to do that.

One of the best things to do in Pang Ung is to just hang out with your friends and enjoy the lake. There are so many restaurants and coffee shops along the lake. It is a great place to sit back and enjoy a picnic or have drinks with friends. There is waterfall named Pha Suea waterfall which is nearly impossible to miss during your stay in Thailand. The name of waterfall stands for “White sheet” because it feels like a white sheet of cloth when we see it during the rainy season.

At last, I can only say that this is my favourite area in Thailand and probably even in the world. It is number one on so many people’s list of favourite destinations in the world.

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