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An Immersive Historical Experience at the Tenement Museum
Whoever invented the living history museum deserves, well, a place in a living history museum. Instead of reading dry text, visitors get to meet an early 20th-century immigrant, hang out in her shoebox apartment, and join a family at its Sabbath table. Much of New York’s population took root in buildings like this.

This appeared in the November/December 2014 issue.

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Museum Honoring American Immigrants
The Tenement Museum presents the history of American immigration through the personal stories of residents of 97 Orchard Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side. It honors the generations of newcomers who shaped the national identity of our country and provided examples of true grit and courage.

Nearly 7,000 immigrants lived at 97 Orchard between 1863 and 1935. The museum's guided tours smartly focus on the specific stories of just a few families who exemplify the struggle of a particular era, bringing the experience into sharp focus. By using Census records, government documents and in some cases, oral histories of descendants, the museum has uncovered unbelievable histories.

The immigrant experience comes to life in the recreated 18th and 19th century apartments, photos and documents on the tour. And it is the very personal, specific struggles of these families that underline universal themes that cannot help but move you. We owe so much to these earlier generations, whose stories also underline the struggles that many of today's immigrants are still experiencing.

Truly an educational experience.

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Food Tour of the Immigrant Experience
In finding a new home, one often longs for the familiarities of the old and comfort can be discovered within the culinary traditions of one's birthplace and home. The history of the immigrant and the introduction of their food within a new geographical and cultural context is explored within the Tenement Museum’s walking food tour of the Lower East Side.

From dim sum to smoked meats and salmon bagels, many cultures are explored within the walking tour but they also analyze how the food, like the people, has undergone a immigration process—where the chefs and cooks can no longer find the same ingredients from their homeland. Using local American ingredients the immigrants tried to recreate national dishes of their home and in doing so create new comforting dishes in their new landscape.
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