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God bless the drag queens
Ya know as a New Yorker you forget the necessity of a drag queen's performance at gay bar but when the DJ isn't hitting all the beats and you find yourself sitting to the side nodding your head wondering why you left your house in the 1st place - a drag queen will always be there to save the day. This is my experience at Temptation. With an empty dance floor and lack of energy due to a holiday weekend where a lot of locals leave town, in burst the life force of Friday night's act at 2am to share a laugh, poke fun at out of towers (myself included) and straight visitors. All this bringing some much needed entertainment to the club. All I'm saying is -- God bless the drag queens / tips these girl! She works hard for the money. // S/O to DRAGAYASA MONIQUE!
608 Calle Bolívar, San Juan, 00909, Puerto Rico
+1 787-309-8888
Sun, Tue - Thur 9pm - 2am
Fri, Sat 9pm - 4am