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Temple Bar

Saturday night at Temple Bar
A Temple Bar crawl is practically a rite of passage in Dublin, Ireland. My travel buddy and chose The Oliver St. John Gogarty, The Auld Dubliner, The Temple Bar (of course,) and The Quays Bar. AKA the pubs pictured on the touristy postcard I bought when we arrived in Dublin. I had the foresight to record our drink history on the back for posterity. And even remembered to post it the next day.

You'll encounter plenty of gawking tourists and hen and stag parties, still the experience is one of my favorite memories of Dublin.

The drinks:
Temple Bar - 2 Carlsbergers
Oliver St James - 2 Cashel Ciders
Auld Dubliner - 2 Harps
The Quay Bar - 2 Guinness

Tip! Ladies, take the time to stop and use the restroom if you need to go. Don't end up like us, drunkenly wandering an unknown city with a train to catch, searching for a very very necessary public restroom!
St. Patrick's Day in Dublin
Arriving in Dublin on the morning of St. Patrick's Day is like experiencing the calm before the storm. The cobblestone streets of Temple Bar are quiet and nearly empty, and bicyclists can cycle through the narrow streets with ease. This is the time to have breakfast while devising a plan: Do you want to find a place near the parade route? Should you claim a table at a pub? We filled up on eggs and coffee at Elephant and Castle in Temple Bar, and then saw the end of the parade. By noon, streets were clogged with people from all over the world -- singing in the streets, painting shamrocks on strangers' faces -- and pubs rang out with traditional Irish songs. Don't be shy if you don't know the lyrics, since there's a good chance you'll hear the songs again. Have a Guinness (or two) and join in!
St. Patrick's Day in Dublin  Dublin  Ireland

Temple Bar
Temple Bar is Dublin's cultural center and it is popular with tourists. The Temple Bar Pub is one of the most popular bars in the area that is densely populated with bars, clubs and live performances.
Temple Bar Dublin  Ireland

47-48 Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
+353 1 672 5286
Sun 11:30am - 1am
Mon - Wed 10:30am - 1am
Thur - Sat 10:30am - 2:30am