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Taroko National Park

Hiking And Cycling In Taroko National Park, Taiwan
Taroko National Park near Hualien City is a lush landscape full of scenic hiking and biking trails. It’s full of waterfalls, gorges, valleys and aerial views, as well as traditional restaurants and accommodations. Make your way along the Swallows Trail to take in the marble gorge up close, or cycle up to Wuling at 3,275 meters for about 100 kilometers from the Cisingtan Scenic Area along Taiwan’s highest road. While challenging, the views are breathtaking and you’ll be able to stop along the way at little cafes for traditional treats.
Hiking the Baiyang Trail in Taroko National Park
Taroko National Park in Taiwan is full of hiking and biking trails. If you enjoy waterfalls, gorge views and being immersed in vibrant green mountain peaks then the Baiyang Trail is for you. It takes about 90 minutes total, every second of which you will have your camera out taking beautiful photos. The highlight of the experience is the Water Curtain, where you'll go through a dark marble tunnel with a crystal stream and wall of water flowing from the ceiling (hint: bring a poncho!).
Hiking the Baiyang Trail in Taroko National Park  Xiulin Township  Taiwan