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Taquile Island

Lunch Overlooking Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca is the largest navigable lake in the world. It's worth taking advantage of it's navigability to find your way onto a boat to Isla Taquile from Puno. The island is inhabited by a cooperative society of people who welcome travelers to their terraced island where they grow several varieties of potatoes and corn. Climb to the top to one the many restaurants built upon these terraces and enjoy a lunch overlooking the expanse of Lake Titicaca.
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Lonely Boats of Taquile
If you didn't know better, you might think you were on the Mediterranean. It certainly didn't seem like we were on the world's highest navigable lake until you realized how short the tallest mountain peaks were relative to our sightline.
Lonely Boats of Taquile   Peru

Charming Children of Taquile
The Taquile locals are notoriously camera shy. But for a bit of pocket change, some are willing to show off their local dress and skills. Like these children, on Taquile, the females spin yarn while the males weave their UNESCO heritage works.
Charming Children of Taquile   Peru

Taquile Island, Peru