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Taqueria Los Ocampo

Delicious tacos in Dayton's Bluff
Today I finally tried one of the taquerias in my new East Side neighborhood. And let me say this: these were easily the best things I've ever tasted.

Dayton's Bluff, specifically Arcade Street, is a hidden lode of outstanding authentic taquerias--within a block you can find Paisanos, Ocampo, and Manana--all of which have charted on local "must-eat" lists. It can be hard to stand out from the competition. Ocampo is my first try, and it's going to be tough to beat.

Tucked into a strip mall next to a Subway, Ocampo looks like any other family restaurant. The menu is extensive and English explanations are provided for the more obscure Mexican fare.

I'm pretty basic (no fun) so I went with the spicy ground beef tacos. Though simple, they packed a tasty wallop. I'm still wondering why I only got two. The radish was the unexpected star, bringing together the salt and spice of the meat, the sour of the lime, and the crisp of the cilantro into a totally balanced dish.

895 Arcade St, St Paul, MN 55106, USA
+1 651-774-7623
Sun - Thur 9am - 11pm
Fri, Sat 9am - 4am