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Tampak Siring Water Temple

Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
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Stepping into Tampak Siring Tampaksiring  Indonesia

Stepping into Tampak Siring

Tampak Siring is a water temple set in the Ubud hills of Bali. The compound consists of several clear watered pebble bottom pools teaming with orange and ivory koi and floating flower petals. Each shoot of water relates to the cleansing of various aspects of existence, be it health, luck, protection from black magic, or relief from nightmares or 'head' pains.

It's said that an angry prince poisoned the water. As many grew sick, the people prayed to the Gods, who responded by endowing the water with curative powers. Locals frequent the pools for significant occasions such as cremations and naming ceremonies, as well as to cure illness and cleanse karma.

You begin under the first spout to the left, palms together, repeating a chosen mantra to yourself, taking the water into your mouth and spitting it out three times, swallowing it three times, then throwing it over your head, repeating this under most spouts through three pools. Iffy about drinking the water or taking part in a ritual as foreigner? I swear on anything holy in this world that I stepped out of that water lighter in every sense of the word.

I ran into a Balinese anthropologist at the temple who urged me along with him after I told him about being a debatable victim of black magic-very much a reality in Balinese culture.

Visiting Tampak Siring and joining in ritual was the best last minute change of plans I ever made. Fated perhaps.