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Takwa Ruins, Manda Island, Lamu, Kenya

Local Games on Manda Island
On my 5th trip to the Lamu Archipelago, I decided to visit the Takwa Ruins on Manda Island and learn the history of this magical place. I had a wonderful dhow ride on "Hippo" with a great crew of locals who took me through the mangroves to the site of the ruins. I was given a guide and taken through, step by step, the history of the archipelago. When the tour ended, I noticed a few people sitting at the exit playing a game. Curiosity got the best of me, and I wondered over to catch a glimpse. I was taken back by the ingenuity of the game they had created out of chalk and old bottle caps - an island version of checkers! Much more colorful than our Western version. I joined for a game and left feeling so much more connected to Lamu than I ever could have imagined.

Ras Kitau Bay, Manda Island, Lamu, Kenya