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The Inspiring Food Scene

The Inspiring Food Scene
Hot or cold, salty or sweet, food is a healthy obsession in Taiwan—and one that you can feed around the clock. Taiwan is famous for its night markets, which top 300 at last count. These gatherings are your opportunity to sample fresh tropical fruit, oyster omelets, and beef pepper cakes for pocket change amid a festive atmosphere. Rapid service, staggering variety, and innovative recipes make filling up from stall to stall one of life's most satisfying adventures.

Small eats are a huge reason to visit Taiwan, and they pack in so many flavors that “snacks” doesn’t do them justice. Scallion pancakes, fried chicken, soup dumplings, and bubble tea are among the treats served along the streets and alleyways. You’ll quickly discover that when it comes to food in Taiwan, your sense of adventure and appetite decide what and where to eat, and limits of time and space barely apply.
Taipei, Taiwan