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Meeting Chinese Opera Actors in Taipei
Taiwan has a very interesting past, and influences from the Dutch, Portuguese, and Japanese can be found around the island. Of course, it’s the Chinese influence that has stood the test of time, impacting everything from language to cuisine and even the arts. For a unique, interactive way of learning about this influence, be sure to book an evening at the opera with the Taipei Eye Foundation.

The goal of the foundation is to share with visitors the unique stylings of authentic Chinese performing arts in Taiwan and to promote cross-cultural experiences for everyone. As I arrived in the theater foyer, I couldn’t help but notice tables set up in the hallways. Within a few moments the operatic actors took their positions and methodically began to apply their intricate makeup, a routine that is an art form in itself. While I enjoyed the performance later that night, it was this opportunity to peek behind the curtain and meet the actors themselves that transformed the evening into an event to remember.

AFAR Ambassador Matt Long traveled to Taiwan as a guest of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

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