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Szczecin (Stettin), Poland – A Bargain Day-Trip Out of Berlin, Germany
On Tuesday (12 July, 2011) my cousin and I took a delightful day trip out of Berlin, Germany to Szczecin, Poland. The round trip is completely “doable” in one day and is an absolute bargain in terms of train fare and food/drink prices in Szczecin.

Szczecin, Poland (known as Stettin in Germany) is an interesting sea-port city of approximately ½ million people, located on the Oder River, just across the Polish border from far north-east Germany.

Thanks to Szczecin’s rich cultural history, the architecture is a mind teasing style mix, having been at one time part of the old Germanic Pomerania, Poland (for the first time), Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and once again Poland.

As a result of this rich history Szczecin is pleasantly difficult to quantify or qualify. Today, Szczecin is Slavic city with deep German roots. It will charm you with its friendly people, astonishing low-priced drinking/dining, and curious yet beautiful architectural styles.

What could make Szczecin even more appealing? How about a bargain priced round-trip train ticket out of Berlin for only €20 (US$28)?

For more photos, a more complete description of the Szczecin sights and a few words on how to get this bargain train-ticket price, see my blog entry: http://bit.ly/og5kj2
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Szczecin, Poland