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Sydney NSW, Australia

Collecting Stuff.

I arrived in Australia with a backpack. And when I say just a backpack, it wasn’t even a very big backpack. Yet somehow, through lost and found bins, nightclub dance floors, thrift shops, free piles at hostels/front yards and the occasional looting of vacant apartments within our complex, I have collected a lot of stuff.

Somehow a backpack of clothes has exploded to become full wardrobe, a full four drawer dresser, five stuffed shelves and an exploding suitcase.

I have stand up mirror, a stereo, a vacuum, a juicer, a lamp, about thirty plates (taken over time from working in restaurants). I have two fake Christmas trees as well as a duffel bag full of decorations, I have a dvd player. I have a basketball, a jump rope, three hair straighteners, a blender, a toaster oven, a kerosene lamp, a tea set.

Now you may be dialing the hoarders hotline right now, but before you do, remember this, I arrived with a backpack. Just a backpack. I spent four months living in a car, two months living in a hotel room, one month in a hostel, one month couch surfing, a couple weeks in Bali and a couple weeks living in a van. All with just a backpack. One might think that I would continue on this path of traveling light. Yet, I seem to be getting much more stuff than I am getting rid of. Still, it is an gratifying and freeing sensation to know that if necessary, I could grab my backpack, a toothbrush and my passport and be on my way without concern for any of that stuff.