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Swiss Museum of Transport

Lucerne's Top-Notch Transportation Museum
Lucerne's vast and comprehensive transport museum is divided into huge halls devoted to— yes, you guessed it—planes, trains, and automobiles. The scale and ambition of it all is jaw-dropping for children and adults alike, and the varied programming offers something for everyone. My husband and toddler spent hours exploring both indoors and out. The only thing they missed was the Planetarium: another reason to go back for more.
Go on a Swiss chocolate adventure!
Visitors to Switzerland, world renowned for its chocolate, can now celebrate chocolate happiness at the Swiss Museum of Transportation in Lucerne. Children of all ages can go on the Swiss Chocolate Adventure, a multisensory/multimedia journey, twirling slowly along a track in an oversized chocolate cup. Riders hear the story of Swiss chocolate in any of six languages (German, French, Italian, English, Spanish and Mandarin), as they are taken through animated displays describing the cultivation, history and production of chocolate. At the end of the 25-minute journey, everyone gets a taste.

The aim of the museum's collaboration with Lindt is to illustrate the entire chain of value creation and distribution of chocolate products. The exhibit covers cultivation of the cocoa bean and its transport to Switzerland, where manufacture with a very Swiss product--milk--transforms cocoa into myriad chocolate products for consumption across the globe.

A Lindt shop near the museum's ticket desk offers all sorts of chocolate treats--including specialty preparations by an on-site 'Maître Chocolatier' --making it easy to stock up on sinful sweets and gifts before leaving the museum, or heading into another of the vast museum's many exhibitions.

A sweet treat for the kid in everyone!
Go on a Swiss chocolate adventure! Luzern  Switzerland

Lidostrasse 5, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland
+41 41 370 44 44
Sun - Sat 10am - 6pm