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Know about the Five Best Trekking Destinations in the World Luton  United Kingdom

Know about the Five Best Trekking Destinations in the World

Trekking is one of those few activities that have managed to garner acknowledgement among larger segments of the population because it could effectually increase one’s levels of stamina, enduring capabilities, and provide relief from the monotony of everyday life. Simply imagine the thrill of exploring unknown territories, understanding the instability of mountain ecosystem, being acquainted with exclusive species of flora and fauna, as well as learning about diverse geography. Now while there are many trekking destinations all across the globe, in this write-up, I have jotted down best ones among the lot. Readers are requested to buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

  • GR20 is an exceptionally beautiful trail of France. Even though encompassed with lush forests, windswept craters, granite moonscapes, snow-capped peaks, glacial lakes, and vast stretches of plains, it is extremely difficult to trek here because the individuals involved have to cross challenging ascents and descents, rocky paths, rickety bridges, and slippery valleys.

  • Inca Trail located in Peru extends for about 33km and is visited by thousands of trekkers from all across the globe. Starting from the Sacred Valley to the renowned Machu Picchu, one needs to climb up steep cliffs and take three passes to complete his or her journey. Extremely beautiful views of majestic mountains and emerald forests are what make paying a visit to this destination worthwhile.

  • Trekking to a height of about 18,193ft. or 5545m at Kala Pattar is full of utmost exhilaration. It takes almost three days to reach this base of Mount Everest at Nepal- the highest mountain in the whole world. The entire journey is noted for being excessively difficult, as most individuals feel nauseous while trying to acclimatize to that immensely high altitude. Having said that, the destination provides incredibly spectacular views of hills and valleys.

  • Although not as popular as the other destinations in the list, individuals find hiking through the Indian Himalayas quite exciting. Crossing the exceptionally challenging and remote paths between Spiti and Ladakh is what makes trekking here substantial. Managing in the bleak desert like terrain would only be possible if the trekkers undergo adequate training before the journey.

  • For enjoying a lifetime journey of 16 miles or 26km through the phenomenally breathtaking canyons carved by the Virgin River for centuries, make sure to include the Narrows of United States in your bucket list. Trekking through the cool waters and viewing enchanting hanging gardens as well as impeccable natural springs is certainly worth a try.

Now that you are aware of the major trekking destinations, feel free to choose any one as per your convenience.

It is necessary to pack some essentials before embarking on the trip because unlike conventional holidays, you would not be living in comfortable places of accommodation or have delectable dining facilities. Water bottles, snacks, extra pair of boots, hand sanitizer, flashlight, sunscreen and lip balms, map, and first-aid kit are few things that you must carry. Even though lodges and homestays are available in most of the above-mentioned locations, it would be best to carry a bedroll (sleeping bag) of high quality, which is considered the key to sleeping well during trekking.