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Sunny Hills 微熱山丘

Taiwan's Tastiest Pineapple Pastry
"Pineapple Squares" is what my siblings and I called these for decades, as my uncle made them from scratch for his bakery in Tainan and they were always square shaped. As American children visiting Taiwan, these pastries were the most friendly and accessible compared to pastries with pork, scallions, red bean, egg yolks etc. in them (which I now love).

Well, pineapple squares are famous in Taiwan to such an extent that one company has the President's signature on the packaging... But not all are created equal. Some are crumbly, others use wintermelon and not pineapple. Some have chunky insides and others smooth (like preserves versus jellies). Also, they are not all square shaped anymore, which brings me to the question - what do I call them now? Pineapple rectangles?

During my recent trip to Taiwan, I tried four different bakery's pineapple squares, and Sunny Hills won, hands down, both for the taste and the concept. The crust/cake part is the best I've ever had - it's bordering on a shortbread and not too crumbly.

I dig the concept (I think) - two hostesses greet you at the door and seat you at a community table. A bamboo plate is set in front of you with a perfectly brewed cup of oolong tea and one packaged pineapple cake/cookie. This is all complimentary, but after consuming the perfect, poised, pineapple tar, you immediately begin calculating how many square inches of space you have left in your suitcase and convert that to the number of Sunny Hills cookies you can squeeze in...
Tnx to my sis for the pic
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