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Sundance Resort

8841 Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, Sundance, UT 84604, USA
| +1 801-225-4107

Surrender at Sundance

There’s a heavily forested canyon 40 minutes from Park City where two streams burble down from the mountains overhead. They converge in a clear pond glistening in morning sunlight, framed by small waterfalls, summer wildflowers and the endless spruce and fir forest. Birdsong and falling water is all you can hear, and the air is sweet with dew. I’m imagining when actor Robert Redford first walked in here in ’69, he said to himself, “I don’t care what this place costs, I’ll take it.”

Sundance is one of those resorts where you’re forced to surrender while your brain trips over itself trying to slow down.

“From the beginning, Mr. Redford wanted to create a place where artists could flourish and work in a supportive environment,” explains manager Lucy Ridolphi. “Sundance is special because it’s not overdeveloped. Everything feels natural and healthy, and our guests love that.”

Bordering the little pond, a wooden concert hall hosts piano recitals beside big barn doors opening onto a deck over the water.

We pass by a couple ladies painting at their easels on our way to the “art shacks” where visiting Mexican artisans are creating colorful menageries out of recycled glass. Visitors can sign up for classes teaching pottery, jewelry making, printmaking, photography and painting.

If nothing else, make the drive from Park City for breakfast. The smoked trout hash with two eggs, sweet corn and red onions was one of my all time favorite breakfasts at the post 'n beam Foundry Grill.