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Suluban Beach

The Religion of Surf
Uluwatu is best known for its amazing temple complex perched over the cliffs, but running underneath and to the north is a network of caves are hidden treasures to explore. Watch streams of surfers descending into the underbelly of the temple to find their own religion.
The beach here isn't great for sunbathing or swimming, but it is worth the long walk down to see the rugged caves and rock formations, and dip your feet in the clear waters. It's also a great place to get away from tourist crowds and enjoy the sound of crashing waves and take some amazing photos.
Surfers head out through the caves into the surf, but don't brave it yourself unless you are an experienced surfer. Waves range from 4 to 12 foot swells, and the currents are strong!

Suluban Beach, Bali, Indonesia