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Cows and Elephants of Sukhothai
Cows grazing by a small, ancient stupa surrounded with intricately carved elephants.

Sukhothai Ruins
I finally had the chance to visit the ancient ruins of Sukhothai last September. Sukhothai was once one of the most powerful kingdoms in Southeast Asia but eventually met its demise at the hands of the Ayutthaya kingdom. There are several sections of ruins outside of the main compound (such as this one) as well so its best to rent a bicycle and explore the whole area.

Fish Market
I've found that my camera is a great ice breaker. Whenever I take a photo of someone - after asking for permission, of course (um, usually) - I make sure to show them the photo. Usually, even the most stoic person cracks a great big smile. Such was the case with this woman.

Graffiti - unlikely art
I came across this graffiti on the back of a bank of phones in downtown Sukhothai. I have no idea what it says, but the only English I've found is the word "love."

Sukhothai, Thailand