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Street festival

Lake Titicaca is spectacular, but so are the local women in their traditional handmade clothing. And don't forget the bowler hats!
In Puno, on shores of Lake Titicaca, the air is thin. Just walking can be an issue of mind over matter, as headaches and even nausea due to lack of oxygen can make the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other a challenge.

As I slowly acclimatized to this challenging environment I realized that the sliver of lake barely visible through my hotel room window wasn't the only thing of beauty to be found in this small, bustling city. All around me women, men and children went about their business in astonishingly beautiful, handmade traditional clothing. From the homemade woven and dyed materials, to the long, black, horse tail-like braids, to the tiny bowler hats sitting atop each woman's head, I felt like I was in the middle of a cloud of confetti. Against the clearest, brightest, closest blue sky I've ever experienced, these bursts of color nearly took my breath away. Lake? What lake?

To experience this for yourself, just go to Puno, step out the door of your hotel and start a'walking.
Salcedo, Puno, Peru