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Street Corner by Chedraui

Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Corn-on-a-Stick Quintana Roo  Mexico


I've seen little ladies selling corn-on-a-stick from tables on street corners. It's rumored the corn is smothered in mayonnaise. Oh, how I've wanted to taste it. I'm no stranger to Mexican street food, but this made me a little nervous. Mayo and noonday heat are not a good mix. However, when I drove by Chedraui (a grocery store) this afternoon, the sun was at just such an angle and the little Mayan lady on the street corner so plump and sweet, I had to stop.

I plucked an already roasted cob from her stash and Estella, for that was her name, re-heated it on a tiny charcoal grill.

"Limon y sal?" she asked. I nodded enthusiastically as she rubbed down the corn with lime and salt.

Then came the mayonnaise. It was true. I peeked into the half empty jar and wondered how long it had been sitting in the sun. Oh, well. Life is a risk right? "The greater the risk," they say, "the greater the reward." I watched as she generously coated my prize and then topped it off with crumbled queso fresco--a mild fresh cheese--and thick chili sauce.

"No picante," she said. Not too hot.

With relish, I admit, I dived in.

Sweet, creamy, smokey, tart, a taste bud explosion, a party on my tongue!

"And my tummy?" you ask.

No adverse reactions, but there is one little problem. I'm still a bit hungry and I may have to go back and try my luck again.

Price? 13 pesos. I gave her an 8 peso tip. Total cost: US dollars about $1.75

Where to find corn-on-a-stick? Street corners.
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