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Stravinsky Fountain

CHUUUTTT by Jef Aerosol
One of the most known Street Art in Paris is Chuuuttt or Shh! by the artist Jef Aerosol.
If you happen to visit church of Saint-Merri or Center PomPidou than you won't be able to ignore that wall-sized stencil.
When he was asked about the meaning of this street art figure, Jef said: "This gesture is a way of saying: Do you listen to them, and the other an invitation to ask five minutes to reach the ear of the things you do not usually hear. The city, it is not only the police sirens and the sound of engines. It is also the cries of children, the birds singing and the melody of the language of tourists, many near the Centre Pompidou".
Lots of questions were asked about the identity of the man on that wall, and some assumed it was Jef Aerosol himself.
2 Rue Brisemiche, 75004 Paris, France