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Stockholm Stadium

100 Years of Sports
If you are a fan of the true Olympics, then you must get yourself to the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Their Olympic Stadium was built for the 1912 Games and is still standing and still being used, mainly for track and field events (The Diamond Games) and until last year, professional soccer.

Stepping through one of the archways into the stadium is like stepping back in time.

Old-time Olympics in Scandinavia
One hundred and one years ago Stockholm hosted the Vth Olympics of the modern era. Unlike the Olympic games before them, this stadium is still standing and is still being used for sporting events in the Swedish capital.

The architecture of the stadium is outstanding and it has that feeling of the glory days of the Olympics before McDonalds, Coca Cola and millionaire athletes took charge.

Preserving Sporting History
One of the world's most exciting sporting events has to be the Olympics. Held every four years, the world's best in everything from jumping off a diving board to see who makes the smallest splash to getting your horse to jump over a fence and not bang his legs, the Olympics is king.

Stockholm hosted the 1912 Olympics (they were the only ones to bid on them!) and not a lot of people know that the the stadium also hosted the 1956 Olympics equestrain events due to quarantine rules in Australia. Melbourne hosted the Games that year.

Lidingövägen, 114 33 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 73 921 90 07