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St. George's

Walking Through St. George’s, Bermuda
If you’re a history buff then a day in the lovely town of St. George’s is an absolute must. Founded in 1612, St. George’s was the first permanent English settlement on the islands of Bermuda, a fact that becomes obvious as you walk around town. The town, or village as I think of it, looks like it was picked up from the English countryside and gently placed in the middle of the North Atlantic. That remarkably preserved past is probably why UNESCO designated the entire town as a World Heritage Site, to be protected for its cultural importance. One of the highlights of any walk is the 400 year-old St. Peter's Church. Founded immediately after the original settlers landed on Bermuda, the church is still in active use and an important part of the surrounding community. For a more lively afternoon, don’t miss the Ducking of the Wench near the docks. This popular reenactment shows how supposedly annoying women were punished in the 17th century. What we would call water boarding is shown in a fun and lighthearted manner, suitable for all ages.
St. George's Parish, Bermuda