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St Barthélemy

A Celebratory Sunday on St Barth's
Above the volcanic island of shallow reefs known as Saint Barthélemy, we rented a villa named Les Amis du Vent where we could watch the sunrise above the northeastern Caribbean. This little slice of paradise in the French West Indies offers an idyllic escape from the stresses of the day. Enjoy an inspired sermon Sunday morning at the local church followed by an experience from the other end of the spectrum at Nikki Beach restaurant. A festive celebration of the country’s cuisine of the day. We enjoyed a rendition of Mexico’s bounty. Dancers entertain standing atop boxes placed around the open-aired space that looks out on the beautiful blue waters of the bay. Call ahead and be sure to reserve a table. Be sure to stay for the fashion show at the end of lunchtime. Don't leave early and let them know if you are celebrating an important event, such as a birthday or anniversary. After lunch take a walk and then perhaps a nap by the pool back at the villa. There will still be plenty of time to enjoy another beautiful sunset.
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