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St Augustine Lighthouse

Spiral Stairway of Courage
My pride got the best of me and I had decided to walk all the way up this lighthouse. Boy, was it quite the experience! I walked up these stairs fearlessly (And these stairs aren't easy to climb, so watch your step) But then suddenly once I got to the very top, I could not lean on the railing! I was far back from the edge as I could be and felt shock when I saw how calm this one guy was, who was leaning over the railing and peacefully smoking a cigarette. Unless I could fly, I wasn't going to move. yet, I managed to hold up the camera and take pictures of everything my body would allow me to do. For a moment, while I was up there, I felt pretty accomplished being up there. Seconds later, I walked down the steps trembling like a chihuahua in the winter. I eventually made it down and regardless of that fear, I learned about the history of the lighthouse and can officially cross the lighthouse off my list of travel accomplishments, call it a day, and never do it again. I still enjoyed it and walked a few steps to go inside the museum that while you're there, could at least check out if you have the time. I hear the place is haunted too for those ghost lovers who thrive under the paranormal experience!

Scared me but awesome view
Who knew that a lighthouse would be scary. But that's how I felt as I ventured further up the stairs as the walls narrowed and the ground retreated further from me.

Once outside I felt the exhilaration of the view over the ancient city. It was worth the climb and the anxiety.

81 Lighthouse Avenue (use 100 Red Cox Road for gps, St Augustine, FL 32080, USA
+1 904-829-0745
Sun - Sat 9am - 6pm