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Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society

Southern Asia
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Saving Elephants by Helping People Matale  Sri Lanka

Saving Elephants by Helping People

The Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society operates an incredible program to mitigate human-elephant conflicts in Sri Lanka. As a result of conflicts annually 80 people are killed by elephants and over 200 elephants are killed in retaliation by farmers every year for damaging their crops, property and lives. Through their Saving Elephants by Helping People Project the society is striving to make elephants more valuable to the local communities alive rather than dead, by engaging, training and paying locals to be involved in their conservation together with scientists and volunteers and by developing a sustainable tourism program in the area. These efforts had made it possible for elephants and people to coexist in a region that used to be rife with conflicts.

Volunteers have the most life changing experience they could ever imagine observing how wild elephants interact with humans, to see the impacts of human elephant conflicts as well as learn how strong and capable elephants are and how such peaceful animals have been compromised because of human behavior. The SLWCS is an incredible organization that truly gives everything to help mitigate the human elephant conflict, and allows volunteers to share in this experience as well and to contribute to help solve such a huge conflict.