Sports Center Bar

Dive Into the Center
The Sports Center is one of those community fixtures you’ll find across this country that somehow remain relevant regardless of the trends, tweets or tastes. The name might imply an establishment focused on baseball bats or football fields. This haunted haunt is a drinking and eating epicenter, having gone through more iterations than a bad iPhone app. The Sports Center is first and foremost comfortably classified as a dive bar. And I mean that with the greatest level of reverence. Foodies have arrived in Yakima valley and these chefs are carving out territory in places that formerly relied on a deep fryer and a microwave to satisfy drinking patrons. The dive bar is an American revival we all need to embrace. A trip to the Sports Center for a order of Bloody Mary’s insures your membership in the club.
Being in one of the hop capitals on the planet, this is a beer forward bar. And the IPA is the vehicle to carry you through to the food framework. There is the expected bar burger offering, but that's just the beginning. There's a nice assortment of wraps, Mexican, salads and sandwiches to appeal to any palate. You know the picky side of the food culture has arrived when the ""V" and "GF" delineations reach the menu footnotes. All nicely done. Don't overlook the "insanity sauce" as a side. Usually offered with a BBQ wings selection, it's worthy of a taste on just about anything, especially the fries. A quintessential dive bar stop.
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