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The top 3 most beautiful city to visit in Croatia
Croatia is purely fascinating: it is rich in culture, history, and nature and it is also proud of the delicious food and, greatest of all, it is well known as a low-cost destination where you can have fun and not thing about how much you spend. Once you arrive in Croatia, you are instructed to utilize public transport to travel to these destinations as it will ease your process of traveling.

Here's your suggested trip which comprises of top 3 most fascinating cities in Croatia, each and every city with its own peculiarities and history. These cities include Zadar, Split, and Zagreb.

Zadar is hugečy beautiful city, its main attractions include the old town and ancient walls, Roman ruins, museums (specifically the Ancient Glass Museum) and Medieval churches (like a very special St. Donatus Church)-
Zadar is also attractive for its old, medieval feel to the city but the city shows its modern side with the creation of Sea Organ This architectural work extends all the way along the sea allowing its pipes to interact with the marine waves. It normally produces sounds that modify their strength according to the motion of the wave. The Sea Organ is an additional peculiar work: The Welcoming to the Sun. It is circular with a diameter of 22-meter, it comprises of exact 300 photovoltaic solar units set on the dockside paving.


Split is popularly known as the most beautiful city in Croatia. The divergence between the mountainous aspect and the turquoise sea normally makes it more appealing than you could imagine. The city boasts a histrical significance as well, as thecoty was preferred by Diocletian the Roman emperor when he became too old. The Roman ruins remained intact, specifically the Split's landmark, Diocletian's Palace: regardless of its designation, it is a fortified town crossed by paths, alleys, picturesque corners, and squares. You can also visit the Saint Domnius Cathedral, with its Temple of Jupiter and octagonal layout where there is headless Egyptian sphinx. This city has also interesting museums, to be specific Gallery of Fine Arts, Ethnographic Museum, and the Archaeological Museum.
However, this city also has mountains and sea, so why not take a hike on Marjan Mountain or engage in Croatia sailing or swimming activities in Bacvice pebble shoreline beach, with its ancient chapels and lookouts? Its important to mention that Split as a city has the most sought after Croatia accommodation out of all cities, it is especially popular with the tourists who come and fall in love with the city and decide to invest in some property.
Anyhow, Split will fascinate you!

Croatia is often associated with its stunning beach; though Croatian inland has great things to offer
Specifically, Zagreb the capital of Croatia, which is typically the densely populated city of Croatia with its approximately 800.000 inhabitants, is very lively with a wild nightlife and a rich cultural heritage.
The ancient urban is rather small yet it's certainly worth a visit, particularly for its Archbishopric and Cathedral. You can also comfortably visit Lotrščak Tower to have a look at cannonball, which is normally shot to strike the noontime. The tower is the symbol of Zagreb and also a city landmark.
In the Southern region of the Zagreb is Jarun Lake , ultimate summer scene for tourists and locals who enjoy windsurfing or swimming in its cool and clear waters. In the hottest hours, you can also visit Maksimir Park that is simply ideal for a stroll amongst English gardens lakes, and trees.

Anyways, these Croatian cities will always enchant you!
21000, Split, Croatia