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Tricks for Saving Money While on Vacation in Croatia
Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Europe this summer. The country has great attractions - from marinas and world class resorts to numerous cultural and coastal attractions. Here are a few tricks that could save you lots of money if you are planning to visit this beautiful country!

1. Public transport
Croatia has a train and bus system that is highly efficient and accessible. Furthermore, the train system is cheap. Instead of hiring rentals or using taxis to move you around, you are better off using public transport such as the railway transport to enjoy some great savings and convenience.

2. Consider sharing rides
If you are going to a place that isn’t served by the train system, you should consider sharing ridesto reduce your transport cost. Sharing rides is a common practice in Croatia among tourists and the public as well.

3. Travel during the off-season
You stand to get the best tourist deals in Croatia and anywhere in the world when you consider traveling off-season. It could be very expensive to go on vacation in Croatia during the season. Accommodation, car rentals, boat fares and everything else related to tourism skyrockets in price during this period.

4. Book early and consider long stays
Make sure you book early and choose long stays over short stays. Most hotels in Croatia offer special early booking discounts, i.e. 30% off on if you choose to stay for more than 3 nights (during the off-peak season) or more than 5 nights (during the peak season).

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