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Split in Photos

People Watching in Split
One of the top tourist destinations in Croatia, Split has a lot to offer from ancient Roman palaces to ferries from which you can start your island explorations in earnest. One of the focal points of tourist activities in Split is the massive boardwalk or Riva. During the day it’s a great place to people watch and grab a bite but at night it comes alive with party-goers and friends out for a quick drink.

A Split Rite
Split is known for its gourmet food. In this town where al fresco on the Riva is a rite of passage, roasted mushrooms dripping with balsamic atop a seabed of rice seemed only right. For all of Split’s epicural delights though, it was natural beauty that beckoned us.

The Bright Side
As we cruised the Adriatic coast from Zadar to Montenegro, we were surprised by the climate (Split is farther north than Boston), cafe society, beautiful people, and a history that stretches from the Romans and Venetians to Turks and today's very modern Croatia. Roman Emperor Diocletian built a massive palace and then resigned and made it his retirement home. Today, the palace face has become a series of cafes and shops that stretch a thousand feet along the waterfront.

Tricks for Saving Money While on Vacation in Croatia
Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Europe this summer. The country has great attractions - from marinas and world class resorts to numerous cultural and coastal attractions. Here are a few tricks that could save you lots of money if you are planning to visit this beautiful country! 1. Public transport Croatia has a train and bus system that is highly efficient and accessible. Furthermore, the train system is cheap. Instead of hiring rentals or using taxis to move you around, you are better off using public transport such as the railway transport to enjoy some great savings and convenience. 2. Consider sharing rides If you are going to a place that isn’t served by the train system, you should consider sharing ridesto reduce your transport cost. Sharing rides is a common practice in Croatia among tourists and the public as well. 3. Travel during the off-season You stand to get the best tourist deals in Croatia and anywhere in the world when you consider traveling off-season. It could be very expensive to go on vacation in Croatia during the season. Accommodation, car rentals, boat fares and everything else related to tourism skyrockets in price during this period. 4. Book early and consider long stays Make sure you book early and choose long stays over short stays. Most hotels in Croatia offer special early booking discounts, i.e. 30% off on if you choose to stay for more than 3 nights (during the off-peak season) or more than 5 nights (during the peak season).

split personality
I found this so funny. In the town of Split in Croatia even the grafitti has a "split" personality. They love it - they hate it. Either way it made for a fun photo.

Mediterranean Square
One of the buildings in the Square has been converted into a cinema while another is a high-end restaurant. With red on all sides, this is definitely one of most beautiful squares that I have seen in Croatia.

You say Spalato
If there was one city that reflects how many times Croatia has been invaded, conquered, pillaged and annexed, it would be Split. Spalato (as the Italians called it when it was theirs) was built on resilience.

With the ruins of Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace forming the centre of the town, Split’s slower pace is the counterbalance to Dubrovnik’s franticness. I found the people more welcoming, less harried and, dare I say it, prouder of their city and its history.

The Promenade
When the sun shines brightly on the Promenade, the effect can be blinding to the eyes from the reflection of the sunlight. But people seem to be enjoying the sun on lazy chairs and benches under palm trees since summer comes only a few months in a year.

Island Hopping in Croatia
Over the course of a few months leading up to the summer, I had managed to convince a group of 3 friends to string along with me for this dream vacation.

We had previously idly contemplated taking off on a dream vacation together but we had never reached agreement about which destination would prove most enchanting. The stunning beauty of Croatia's Dalmatian coast finally won everyone over, but was the experience to prove equal to our expectations?

The first task was to secure for ourselves a good yacht on which to scout the Dalmatian Island in complete leisure. After checking several listings we settled on Silver Sail, a Split based yacht charter company. We found a 3 cabin, 6 berth motor yacht that was perfectly suited for our needs.

Our itinerary began in the Dalmatian coast city of Split where our flight landed on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. After sampling the city's incredible sights and pulsating nightlife we were ready to begin our island hopping on the back of the yacht, spending most of the Monday around the Pakleni islands. Over the course of the next few days we toured at least 10 different Dalmatian islands including Korcular, Hvar, Lumbarda and Brac.

It is hard to select any one of the experiences as the most stunning but we enjoyed swimming with dolphins, exploring ancient walled towns, sunning on sandy beaches and the most tongue tingling Mediterranean cuisine choices.

Sailing in Split - Pakleni Islands
If I have visited a place that is fascinating by all standards, then Split in Croatia stands as one of these. Everything in this city ranging from the fishing villages to spectacular natural landscapes is simply amazing.

I visited Split as a part of my Croatia tour and wanted to enjoy a bit of sailing adventure. I came to Croatia via plane and landed at the Split Airport where I took a taxi transfer to get to the center. I must admit that Croatian people are really friendly and that the guys from Yacht Holidays helped make my experience remarkable. This is where I rented a yacht ready to explore the central coast of Dalmatia. The company offered a well maintained motor yacht, sailing guide, and I sailed southwest heading to Pakleni Islands. The islands are simply dazzling with chain of small islets that boast of hideaway coves, woodland and deserted beaches.

During my sailing adventures, I was able to admire some of the most unspoiled sceneries while getting perfectly fine gaze of sun-baked beaches covered with pebbles and splashed by the turquoise waves of the Adriatic. I was able to sail along some of the most interesting Split sailing routes especially those that included coves, bays and ports.

21000, Split, Croatia