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Spanish Synagogue

Search out the Monument to Kafka next to the Spanish Synagogue
A few steps from Prague's beautiful Spanish Synagogue, in the middle of Dusni Street where the city's most famous writer used to live, a headless, handless and footless giant supports a much smaller Kafka riding on his shoulders. The artist says the sculpture makes reference to an early Kafka story featuring a young man riding on another's shoulders through the streets in Prague. What does it mean? I'm not sure. Most of Kafka's work is gorgeous and cryptic at the same time—perhaps it's only fitting that a monument to the writer be equally confusing.
Spanish Beauty in Prague
As you enter the Spanish Synagogue sanctuary, in Josefov, Prague, it’s nearly impossible not to let your eyes plant themselves on the immaculately carved and painted dome ceiling for a good few minutes. Take several moments. Soak it in. Built in 1868 on the grounds of Prague’s oldest Jewish house of worship, you can’t help but feel the history within these sacred walls. Thanks to a late 1990’s restoration, the original splendor complete with stunning stained glass windows are now on view after being closed for 20 years. Be sure to visit the exhibit on the second floor prayer hall. The display places this, along with the other Prague synagogues and cemetery within Moravian and Bohemian Jewish history.
Spanish Beauty in Prague Prague  Czech Republic