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Soup Kitchen off of Old Street

266 Old St, Tunxi Qu, Huangshan Shi, Anhui Sheng, China, 245000
| +86 559 254 0386
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Spicy Soup kitchen hole in the wall. Do it its good for you! Huangshan  China

Spicy Soup kitchen hole in the wall. Do it its good for you!

From the Series Tunxi Old Street, Huangshan City, China

Now for some of you the first thing that might run across your little brains is "Sky man the water, you dont soposed to drink the water man!" Well the shit was so boiling hot if there was anything that survived in there it would have been a miracle. I had to let it stand for a bit even after i came back to the Hostel.

In any case it was fantastic soup and spicy with some local veggies the way i like it. A good tasting aromatic spicy broth with noodles and a few veggies. Unlike the watered down spicy you get when you go to a Thai or Chinese restaurant in the states. And i do mean watered down, watered down for the whities, ha ha ha.

How do you find it?
Now the address listed on this post may not be correct but it was off the old street plaza there were 2 barbecue shops right next to it (one of which i mention on another post) . Just remember my photo or save it to your smartphone and walk around the area until you find it. Who knows if you dont find it you might find another place you can tell others about.

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