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Soma Chocolatemaker

Hot Chocolate for the Soul
On one of those (far too many for my taste) freezing days, nothing warms me up more than a cup of hot and spicy Mayan chocolate. Delicious! I also would suggest the Bicerin (pictured above) when they happen to have it on their menu. Heaven!
More than just chocolate
Soma directly creates its chocolate from the cocoa bean brought from plantations around the world. The result? Delectable pralines and truffles, which are great as a gift or to devour by yourself.

That said, Soma's gelatos and sorbets are some of the best I've had in this metropolis. My recommendation is their Sicilian Pistachio. Wow!

Their original location is in the Distillery District but their King location is more convenient if you're downtown.
More than just chocolate  Toronto  Canada

Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death
SOMA is a chocoholic’s dream, but it won’t do any favors for the waistline. Tucked into a cozy section of The Distillery, you can count on SOMA attracting cocoa fanatics from every corner of the country. The chocolate selection is extensive and fantastic, while the gelato is wonderfully decadent.
Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death Toronto  Canada

CATCH: Drink unadulterated chocolate
The distillery district in Toronto is one of my favorite neighborhoods. There are chic boutiques and artsy stores, random street art, and yuppie hangouts in the area. One of my favorite stops was the chocolate store Soma. I recommend stopping by and having a shot of deliciously unadulterated hot chocolate. It's thick and utterly indulgent. I ordered mine with some hot pepper to kick it up a notch. And when the staff asked if I wanted a glass of milk with that I said 'No thanks, I like my chocolate unadulterated.'
CATCH: Drink unadulterated chocolate Toronto  Canada

32 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4, Canada
+1 416-815-7662
Sun 11am - 6pm
Mon - Sat 10am - 8pm