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Solec 44

Eat Well, Drink Well, and Win (or Lose) at Some Board Games
From the street, Solec 44 appears to be small, but once you climb the steps to the restaurant, you enter a magnificently designed, modern space. This large, open joint serves modern interpretations of Polish food alongside fantastic Eastern European beers and Polish vodka. We took a shot (or two) of the country's best vodka, Wyborowa, as well as a shot of it mixed with condensed milk—simultaneously sweet and punishing. We also tried a vodka pudding with raspberries and rosemary that was served warm; it was incredible.

For food we ordered a delicious pork stew with onions over a sweet, yeasty bread, sausage with roasted root vegetables, and bone marrow served with prune-studded brown bread. It was a truly decadent, delicious meal, and we got a lot of bang for our buck. The menu was entirely in Polish, but young Poles speak English, and a couple helped us translate the menu.

The cuisine's sophistication is pleasantly balanced with the convivial atmosphere. There's even a stockpile of board games that you're welcome to play. We came without a reservation and found a table, but it wouldn't hurt to make one.
Solec 44, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland