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Inchinaleega East, Sneem, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Why go: Sneem Ireland

Of all the continents, Europe especially needs to be seen and understood in its most simple, honest villages. One such place is located in Kerry County, Ireland in the unimaginably beautiful village of Sneem. Located 235 miles southwest from Dublin, this winner of the 1987 Tidy Town Contest is home to approximately 400 inhabitants and deserved this coveted title because of its fascinating and colorful surroundings and clear community unity. Off the beaten track, a traveler must intentionally want to find Sneem, as there is no bus service that regularly connects it with the larger nearby communities such as Killarney or Limerick. But once discovered, a visitor can quickly learn of its long history that dates back to 2000 BCE, before the Celtic settlement.

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about 6 years ago

Traditional Irish food

Along the streets of South Square you will find locally owned restaurants, bistros and quaint bed and breakfast inns. You must try the shepherd's pie at the Village Kitchen or at the Riverside Bistro and Cafe, and don't forget to stop by Burns' Butcher shop for the secret black pudding recipe that has been in the family for 80 years.
about 6 years ago

Great activities

For adventurers and nature lovers, kayaking, fishing, bike riding and hiking are among the activities that you can enjoy in this remote and traditional Irish village, which will help you visit the remarkable scenery, historical places and old remains in the area, such as the Derryquin Castle and some farm houses dating back several to hundred years.
about 6 years ago

Be part of history

Sneem is home to Steve “The Crusher” Casey, world wrestling champion from 1938 to 1947 and is where former Irish president Cearhbaill O'Daleigh was buried. When walking the streets of Sneem, be aware that you would be taking the same steps taken by Charles de Gaulle and Charlie Chaplin. The people of Sneem, friendly in nature, will tell you all about how the town came to be.