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Ulica Ivana Gradnika 5a, 5210 Deskle, Slovenia
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Tasty vegetable soup-jesprenjka Plave  Slovenia

Tasty vegetable soup-jesprenjka

Vegetable soup made out of barley or ričet (barley porridge) is vegetable stew with rich taste and nutritional value, and is a Slovene national dish. Since this is a filling and nutritious meal, it has long been considered as a prison food. Barley, which is supposed to originate from Ethiopia and Southeast Asia, is a very old and somehow forgotten grain. In ancient Greece, people sacrificed barley to the gods and crowned the winners of the Olympic Games with it. Once upon a time the barley soup was known as a plain food for poor people, but today it is increasingly regarded as a contemporary food. Hand-on workshop of making ješprenjka takes place in a family house in the Lower Soča valley, which is surrounded by a neat vegetable garden. Enter the local kitchen of a local woman and get to know step by step how she prepares an excellent vegetable soup/ješprenjka by following an old recipe. Tasty ješprenjka is prepared from seasonal, home grown vegetables (beans, carrots, potatoes, parsley, celery, garlic, onion), barley and meat. Yummy! A pleasing taste of vegetable soup/ješprenjka will be following you on your way back home. Domestic local environment + tasty ješprenjka = a unique experience!