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Ramsons in all its beauty Plave  Slovenia

Ramsons in all its beauty

Together with the local ramsons picker go to the forest nearby and join her picking the ramsons. This plant has a very distinct smell of garlic and therefore some people also call it wild garlic. Ramsons have already been eaten by the Romans and the traditional medicine values it for its many-sided medicinal properties. You can learn how the locals prepare a ramsons soup, spread and the local dish frtalja, a delicious omelette made from seasonal herbs, flour, milk, salt and eggs. Participate actively in the ramsons workshop with the local ramsons picker. Wear comfortable shoes and let the ramsons adventure in the local area begin! From the end of March to mid-April the forest is scattered with wild garlic or ramsons. You can spot its long lanceolate leaves right away and even earlier you can notice its characteristic garlic-like smell. Together with the local picker we will collect a whole basket of ramsons that she will use for preparation of delicious ramsons delicacies. She will show you how to make a delicious ramsons soup, frtalja and spread. Did you know that ramsons jar, which contains ramsons, salt and olive oil, is one of the first pickled vegetables that scrupulous housewives prepare for the winter months? The smell of ramsons leaves will accompany you also after the end of this hands-on workshop. Join the locals at ramsons picking!