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One with Nature in Stockholm
As soon as I heard that a cemetery was one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Stockholm – I had to go visit. Really? A cemetery as a UNESCO World Heritage site – what in the world could make it so special?

As soon as I walked into the cemetery and passed the Meditation Grove I realized right away why this cemetery was so special. The grave sites were situated among a forest of tall evergreens – a beautiful way to highlight life, death, and nature. It really was a different design from anything I’ve seen before. I felt as though I was hiking through a forest and had come across a cemetery – it was harmonious. This was the exact goal of Skogskyrkogården when it was created in the early 1900s – to blend nature and architecture into a seamless whole.

I spent a couple of hours in the cemetery simply taking it all in, going inside chapels, sitting on benches, and enjoying the landscaping and environment immensely.

A cemetery may be an unusual attraction, but I would suggest this UNESCO site to anyone as a way to see the natural Stockholm.
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