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Siwon Lassi, Katchori Gali

Lucky Lassi in Varanasi
On our first trip to India, we were lucky enough to meet Uschi, a friend of a friend who lives in Varanasi. The old city there is intense - a warren of tiny streets which are confusing, insane, dirty and amazing all at once.

Uschi took us out of the city, to meet the women's group she works with - women from local villages who take classes, learning new skills and money management. The group works together to craft handmade clothes that Uschi markets and sells in the US.

After a day of traveling on the river, meeting new friends, learning about these women's fantastic spirits despite tough situations - Uschi took us back to the city.

We stopped for a yummy and gorgeous clay pot Lassi at Siwon Lassi shop in Katchori Gali. By the way, good luck finding him (or anything in Varanasi) on your own! Not sure I could. My hands had been beautifully mehndi'd by my new friend at the school.

Varanasi was a challenge but with Uschi guiding us, my favorite memories of India happened there!
Godaulia, Maheshpur, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India