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Sisal, Yucatan, Mexico
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#1 Undiscovered Yucatán, Mexico Tour That’s More Magical Than a Fairytale Dream   Sisal  Mexico

#1 Undiscovered Yucatán, Mexico Tour That’s More Magical Than a Fairytale Dream

Sisal’s secret cenoté is accessed by boat, to an area known to locals as the bocana, or inlet, where saltwater and freshwater meet. Once inside the inlet, you disembark your boat and board two person chalanas (a canoe-like boat) which your guide navigates with a natural bamboo oar through the waters.

Imagine pink flamingos painting the sky, whispers of sea breeze touching your skin, and white pelicans floating effortlessly, as you take the journey to the secret cenoté of Sisal aboard your your Mayan gondola, or chalana. The song of the chalana gliding across the water, sluuupppp swiiisssshhhh, swahhhhhh, sleeeeeeww, adding to the morning sun rays kissing the left behind splashes of birds taking flight.

Approaching an island of mangroves and the chirping sounds of birds, I could not help but notice how many types of birds shared this space. Branches were filled with nests, and egrets were abundant. Glimpses of red cardinals, pink flamingos painting the sky with their long outstretched necks as they flew to their next feeding spot, hummingbirds, and dragonflies kissing the chalana. It was one of the most beautiful sights.

We spotted Yucatán jays, ospreys or fishing eagles, and too many others to name. It could only be described as magic, as you reach the canopied entrance of this off-the-beaten path cenoté, leaving you with a feeling of entering the most perfect fairytale dream.

The camouflage fish of the cenoté, called Mojarra, have effervescent blue tails and greet you as you enter the mystical path of mangroves and jungle. Beckoning the question, which movie you are starring in, Jungle Book, Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, or Pirates of the Caribbean? A tree of life sprouted from the center of the cenoté reminds you of Avatar, and a place to draw wisdom from. This was Mother Nature’s postcard perfect creation, not a log ride in Disney World or an animated film.

This cenoté chalana tour will give you and your loved ones an appreciation for real world experiences and you will learn about Mayan and Yucatecan cultures. The pristine fresh water will beckon a swim, and a Go Pro is highly recommended.
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