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Simon's Town

Searching for Submarines in Simon's Town
From a hilltop overlooking Simon's Town, along the South coast of the Cape Peninsula, you'll find remnants of the old wartime era.

After hiking about the hilltops, make your way down to the water's edge and into town.

As you head into town, you'll find the home of South Africa's Navy and from the waterfront you'll even see some of the old submarines and other vessels used in the World Wars. Relieve your hunger and quench your thirst at one of the many food establishments,

Hidden gem: Look out for the gelato store, located on the main road, near to the post office.

Penguin spotting
A visit to Simon's Town to see the wild "Jackass" penguin colonies is touted in all the guide books as a must do day trip from Cape Town.

So when it came to going myself, I was cynical it would be overrun with tour groups holding their ipads at awkward angles. It was - but even that couldn't ruin this lovely spot. It is busy, and paying at a turnstile to get onto a beach is a little odd; but, the entrance fee has clearly been used for good purpose.

The penguins have the whole beach to roam around, free from the fawning crowds getting too up close and personal, all because of the recent addition of a raised decking platform, fencing off the hoardes.

It was amazing to see these penguins when they belong, and whoever is in charge has got the balance right, protecting in the best (and only) way they could.

Simon's Town, Cape Town, 7975, South Africa
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