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Simbahollin Cafe

Danish Style Waffles in the Heart of Icelandic Waffle Country
Icelanders are obsessed with their waffles and don't get me wrong, there's nothing better after a blustery day of hiking in The Westfjords than to settle in for one of their thin, often heart shaped waffles slathered in rhubarb jam.

But sometimes you long for a waffle with a little more bravado and this is the only place in Iceland I've found that delivers just that; thick Danish style waffles served piping hot with a dollop of freshly whipped cream and drizzle of birch liqueur.

The restaurant entices guests at the beginning of the day with their renowned waffles and people linger in the cozy spot on the edge of the ocean. There's free wifi, local beer, and homemade soup to keep them there. At night, there's usually a lamb tagine offered on the menu.

I'm not sure what the tie-in to northern Africa is in this remote outpost in Iceland but it's a welcome change from fish stew and Icelandic hot dogs.

5 470, Fjarðargata, Thingeyri, Iceland
+354 899 6659
Sun - Sat 10am - 10pm