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The Importance of Lawar Sukawati  Indonesia
Make Offerings Sukawati  Indonesia
The Importance of Lawar Sukawati  Indonesia
Make Offerings Sukawati  Indonesia

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The Importance of Lawar

Lawar is a dish of vegetables, coconut, pork and a whole lot of spices that is very important to the Balinese. Making lawar is something men do together early in the morning before ceremonies and then eat together and often take packages to other families to invite them to share by coming to the ceremony later in the day.
There are quite a few different types of lawar, probably the most notable is the red lawar that includes the pig's blood to make it a dark red color. If youd prefer it without blood, there is also white lawar and lawar babi, which don't use the blood. Lawar is usually extremely spicy though so beware!
Although lawar is generally made at home, there are lawar warungs all over Bali. Ask around for a good one and make sure the lawar is fresh or you might sorry as lawar is generally only good left out for about half a day.

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AFAR Local Expert
about 7 years ago

Make Offerings

All over Bali you'll see women sitting making offerings of all different kinds. Most women spend at least a couple of hours a day making offerings as they are laid at least twice a day every day. In the run-up to big ceremonies like Galungan, Kuningan, weddings, and cremations, the women go into overdrive making bags and bags of offerings.

Ask if you can join in, because it's really fun to see them laughing at you trying to figure it out.