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Sigiria lion rock

On top of the world, one step at a time
I am not typically an active person, nor am I one to like heights. While I had to battle both of these the view from the top of Sigiriya Rock is magnificent and worth the trek. Bring a bottle of water, make sure to wear loose and light clothes if it's a hot day. You need to prepare yourself for this climb since most of it is staircases. If you are afraid of heights then take your time. Don't let anyone behind you rush you.

-Get there early or you'll be among lines of people to slow down your trek.
-There are men at the bottom of the climb offering to help you climb up stairs but just say no. They only want tips.
-There are TONS of monkeys for great photo ops. They are relatively harmless and used to people but be smart and don't feed them or try to touch them.
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
Sun - Sat 7am - 7pm